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Owen 5 days ago

Package A

July 4 Family Dinner- Was lucky enough to get a chance to acquire the special July 4 Family Dinner. What a treat. Lots of great food well prepared and fantastic presentation period but even more so for a take out meal. Highly recommend you're getting it for a great holiday dinner.

Stephanie 8 days ago

Prime New York Strip

Steaks are always delicious and perfectly prepared. Always add the blue cheese crumble which is amazing. Can't wait to go back

Shawn 9 days ago

Prime Rib Eye*

When I don't feel like grilling myself this is my go to for a good steak dinner. Dry aged prime Ribeye what could be better, we'll the baked potato helps. This is the only entree I have eaten here and see no reason to change a thing now. I'm sure some day I might but for now this is it. Honestly the price is very fair considering what goes into this. I also had the skillet brownie as well and that was the cherry on top. Simple, top notch ingredients and a well trained staff = a great meal.

Nbrattlof 10 days ago

Prime Ribeye

Best Ribeye ever! We visit every single time we are in Woodland Hills. The Brussels are incredible too. We visit many Steakhouses around the USA and nothing compares to Larsens!

Christophervalladares93 10 days ago

Filet Mignon*

I think this is it. I found the steakhouse jewel of Valencia. Beautiful environment and the best steak I've had in so long. Perfect seasoning and tenderness. Would definitely recommend to anyone I know.

Lena 13 days ago

"The Burger" *

Larsen's is my go-to place to celebrate my Birthday🥳 and they never disappoint. After the COVID Stay At Home was lifted I couldn't wait to enjoy a good meal out, awe just what the soul needed. When they talk about sinking your teeth into a buger, this is The Buger they were talking about. Simply the best 🍔 around! ...and don't forget to follow it a piece of their Warm Butter Cake, food heaven!

Karen 17 days ago

Filet Mignon*

This was our first night back to dine in at Larsen's since the COVID.. all required precautions were taken. The fillet was incredibly beyond tender and tasty!! The drinks were by far perfection and just what I needed!!! Got the burger and onion rings to go for my son and he said he's never had a burger that good in his life 😋 😋 thank you Larsen we will be back real soon can't wait for the happy hour to reopen❤️

Marleen 18 days ago

Filet Mignon*

We live with our mom and mother-in-law. They LOVE filet! We have been here several birthdays for my mother-in-law. My mother just turned 84 and we had to bring her here for her favorite food! The grass fed filet is sooo yummy. It just melted in her mouth and she was so happy! Thank you Lazy Dog for helping our moms enjoy their years as they should... being happy with food. 💕

Jskup1 19 days ago

Filet Mignon*

I had the 8 oz. filet mignon (dry-aged) medium rare and it was delightful. I could have cut into the steak easily with a butter knife, it was so tender. My family shared the garlic mashed potatoes as a side (each side dish serves 3 people). Everything from the bread we received at the beginning, to the appetizers and main courses was delish! Loved the ambiance of the dining room, with plenty of wood and stone accents with a modern flair. Highly recommend for special occasIons or just to get your steak fix. Five stars, Chef!!

Lilirighton 22 days ago

Filet Mignon*

Hi peps! Let me tell you a lil something something about this bomb filet mignon. Well, it was scrumptious, flavorful, rich, yummy, all of the above!!! Mmmmm so tasty!! Let me tell you another something something, of I win, ya'll know what I'd be getting... Yup, thats right another bomb Filet Mignon. Thanks Larsens's ya'll ROCK!!

Erikavic1970 25 days ago

Blue Wedge Salad

I absolutely loved the Blue Wedge Salad! Ask them to chop it and it comes out delicious and bite sized. The amount of blue cheese was perfect for my taste buds. I'll definitely be ordering this salad again and again!

Walsh6178 26 days ago

California Roll

This California roll at the Simi Valley location was superb! The crab was very fresh and very filling. The portion was great for dinner or can be shared as an appetizer.

Jennac430 28 days ago

Kurobuta Pork Chop*

The Kirobuta Pork Chop is byfar one of the most delicious meals I've ever eaten! It is cooked to perfection and literally melts like butter in your mouth! The bread you are served is also so addicting!

Diane 29 days ago

Flemming's House Salad

Ok maybe I am a little biased as last night was the first night actually eating out (not take out) and I so appreciated everything. First of all I am a senior and have a health condition that could cause serious health issues if I was to get Covid-19. I have never been disappointed in the food at Larsen's and generally the service is excellent. When I made the reservation I asked for outdoor seating which I very seldom see individuals doing other than for happy hour. We were a party of 5 so they had a table set very far apart from other tables (my granddaughter didn't like eating outside but I was very happy). I could not have felt more "safe" for lack of a better word. Silverware was wrapped in a cloth napkin; due to having steak, second set of silverware in a very stong paper napkin. Dessert spoon in like a beverage napkin. All servers had gloves, masks. Food was incredible, drinks wonderful and service superb; thank you server Jesse C. and others that assisted him. I can hardly wait to go back! Oh and I did have Flemming's House Salad, Lobster with Brussel Sprouts then dessert. It could not have been better!

Commuterqueen 30 days ago

Cajun Shrimp

Larsen's Happy Hours have been making me happy for several years... Their cajun shrimp has been part of that happiness. It is SO yummy, I want to lick the plate. Seriously... I want every drop of that sauce. I cannot recommend Larsen's enough. I believe we've ordered every item from the Happy Hour menu and I would recommend all of it. I can't wait to be able to go back... 😁

Yasmine about 1 month ago

Black and Blue Burger

Amazingly delicious steak salad! One of my favorites. You get the benefits of a healthy salad with the added plus of the steak (top quality & well-prepared too!) Highly recommend!

Sepulveda about 1 month ago

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

cooked wonderfully and seasoned to perfection! Recommend mulitple items on this menu! Great seating, wonderful service, and great location!

Heidiandlou about 2 months ago

Flemming's House Salad

This is the most amazing salad and I get it every time I come to Larsen's. It's so light and fresh and the raspberry vinaigrette is delicious. Of course, the candied pecans are to die for, too.

Safernandez1822 about 2 months ago

Caprese Skewers

Crustinis! The amazing chef in Santa Clarita (Valencia) always goes above and beyond and creates this special dishes (that are not on the menu) for my sister and I! We are obsessed with Larsen's. The environment is elegant and beautiful, the food is delicious, and the service is absolutely unmatched.

Mooseagle3000 about 2 months ago

Grass Fed Filet Mignon

Larson's exudes class. Whether you come for the early bird menu or sit down at a booth for their incredible aged steaks, you are treated special. We've eaten there probably 15 times and have always had excellent wait staff service....attentive, polite, courses delivered on time. If you have a special occasion, Larsen's always comes through.

Owen 6 days ago

Filet Mignon*

I had the dry aged filet and it was fantastic. Liked the servicing size. Our reason my wife and I return to Larsen's for all our special occasions.

Dimple 8 days ago

Macaroni & Cheese with Sundried Tomato & Bacon

Favorite dish and I drove all the way from Redondo beach for it!

Lisindia2003 10 days ago

Ahi Tuna Tartare

This is absolutely one of the best appetizers ever!!! But to be honest ALL of there food is good! I've had their steaks, Tri-tip and rib combo and their fresh oysters!!! This is my go-to place when I want to treat myself like a Queen!!!

Evelyn 10 days ago

Prime Dry Aged Filet Mignon

We were looking for another restaurant and happen to come across this Gem! Best Filet Mignon I've had in California; it was juicy and tender, paired with half a roasted garlic and delicious butter mashed potatoes. For dessert we got the Banana Foster Butter Cake with vanilla ice cream, presentation was beautiful and tasted wonderful. Amazing food and to wrap it all up, stellar service! I will definitely be coming back soon.

Wright 11 days ago

5 Cheese Macaroni

This 5 Cheese macaroni is everything I hoped it would be. It is creamy and savory, with a perfect blend of cheeses. If you love macaroni and cheese, you will not be disappointed!

Noland 14 days ago

Filet Mignon*

Best Filet Mignon I've ever had, friendly knowledgeable staff. Can't wait for our return.

Maureen 17 days ago

Hawaiian Marinated USDA Prime Tri Tip*

Excellent, Flavorful but not overbearing & very tender steak

Jskup1 19 days ago

Prime Dry Aged Filet Mignon

I had the 8 oz. filet mignon (dry-aged) medium rare and it was delightful. I could have cut into the steak easily with a butter knife, it was so tender. My family shared the garlic mashed potatoes as a side (each side dish serves 3 people). Everything from the bread we received at the beginning, to the appetizers and main courses were delish! Loved the ambiance of the dining room, with plenty of wood and stone accents, with a modern flair. Highly recommended for special occasIons or just to get your 5-star steak fix. Bravo, Chef!!

Kprince1949 21 days ago

Maryland Crab Cakes

I'm from the east coast and have never been able to find crab cakes that remind me of home. That is until I had them at Larsen's. They were fantastic. Great flavor, perfect seasoning, and cooked to perfection. I'm hooked!

Agar 23 days ago

Scottish Salmon

My husband and I went to celebrate our anniversary the first day restaurants allowed in person dining. As usual, Larsen's did not disappoint! I ordered the Scottish Salmon which was absolutely delectable, flaky and cooked to perfection. The sauce was heaven;been craving it since!! Also, a big thumbs up to Larsen's for following the necessary CDC guidelines. We felt very safe as the table were spaced out allowing for more than 6 feet of physical distancing. Every single employee wore their face coverings. They installed plexiglass dividers which did not take away from the restaurant's elegance. We cannot wait to go back!

Mayra 25 days ago

Prime Rib Eye*

It was just perfectly cooked and the flavor was amazing

Klogee1 26 days ago

Kurobuta Pork Chop*

Amazing Pork Chop dinner. The Pork Chop was very think and juicy.

Malreark 28 days ago

Lobster Bisque

This is the most delicious and satisfying bisque on the earth. I have been many many places and this is top of the line.

Britta 29 days ago

Prime Rib Eye*

The service was not great but it was not his fault. We (6 of us) waited close to an hour after ordering to get our meals and 2 of them came 10 minutes after that. The manager came to apologize on her own accord, we did not complain. She gave us desserts on the house and was very sweet. The pandemic has everyone scrambling to live life in a new way. I love Larsen's though!!

Abigail 30 days ago

BBQ Beef Ribs*

The ribs were really good! Bacon wrapped shrimp was really good! Drinks were excellent! Dessert was great! But we also got the blackened chicken pesto pasta and the chicken was really dry and tasted a little old. The manager was very nice about it though and she removed it from out total. Our server was great too. She was nice and friendly.

Sallykafaei about 1 month ago

Ahi Tuna Tartare

Our favorite steakhouse in all San Diego! We LOVE Larsen. The Ahi tuna and seafood cocktail are amazing! We usually get the aged filet and it's so delicious. This is the place to have your steak if you're meat lovers.

Trevorrepay about 2 months ago

100% Organic All Natural Grass Fed Filet*

It's appropriate to have a high expectation when attending a steakhouse. The people at Larsens grill clearly comprehend this entirely and have responded by attaining uncompromised superior guest dedication. My experience eating here was the best meal I've had in too long a time yes. Culinary perfection is clearly the standard on this menu, thank god. Upon coming here, anyone can readily see that these are people who want to impress our community by being high-level gentlemen and ladies superior to all their local competitors. Larson's is a place with people who show us what it should truly feel like to be properly waited upon with elegance and grace. This is the place to dine if you want to be treated like the most beautiful. This environment is perfect for enjoying the company of friends and the place always feels Immaculate clean and perfectly managed. After experiencing pleasure from my dinner here, my level of respect for the collective humanity as a whole has risen significantly. Eat here to experience the top of the hierarchy fine dinning. I get a strong impression that these people will do absolutely whatever it takes to ensure that your steakhouse is always well kept and ready to serve you with the best at a moments notice.

Lori about 2 months ago

Five Cheese Macaroni

I honestly cannot imagine not having Larson's in Simi Valley… It's been our go to spot three years now. Above and beyond the nicest restaurant that we have in this area. It's like a family place because everybody knows everybody. The bartenders know what we drink and the staff knows what we like to eat. We always run into doneobe we know. It's the place my husband and I reconnect sitting at the high top in the bar on a Friday night. I've been to four different Larsons so far but this one is closest to home. I'm a really healthy eater but I have to say that I had the five cheese macaroni and cheese and just about died! It was a cheat night for me but it was so incredibly worth it! I actually ordered another one to bring it home to my daughter. My don loves the ribs and the burger is AMAZING! I personally live the salmon and sea bass. So many great items to choose from. I keep waiting for Covid to end so I can get a reservation and go in or even just sit in the bar for happy hour!!! Can't go wrong here. Met the owners twice with their family… Such gracious and kind people... I was very impressed Wooo go back immediately and support them 100%!

Melissa about 2 months ago

Lobster Crunch Roll

We received a gift card for Christmas and tried Larsen's for the first time! It was delicious and I will be visiting again.

Susan about 2 months ago

Filet Mignon*

Larson's La Jolla serves the absolute best steaks in all of San Diego county! My husband and I enjoy a delicious filet and have had a difficult time finding consistently excellent filets until we found Larson's. Their steaks are flavorful, tender and always perfectly cooked. All the sides we've tried are also especially delicious. Can't wait for our next visit!


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